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Europe- Belgium

Europe- Belgium

today we landed in the second continent: Europe. the first country we are going to visit is Belgium. we landed at 7:35p pm the flight was 18h 30m long by Air Serbia. there were two stops one in AUH and BEG and the cost was C$1,210.33 C$1,210 .33.


the three days we will go to:
-Grand-Place (Brussels)
- Historic Centre of Brugge (Bruges)
- Pairi Daiza (Brugelette)

Day one- Grand-Place (Brussels)

the Grand-Place is a great place to go. there are many things to do here but the best part is the flower bed in front of the Grand-Place. The Grand Place is also known as Grote Markt is the hub of Brussels. It is surrounded by many things like the opulent guildhalls, the city's Town Hall, and the Breadhouse building which has the Museum of the City of Brussels. we got to go inside the Museum of the City of Brussels, it was amazing there with all the antique pieces. After all that exploring we got hungry so we stopped at a local restraint and ate some amazing chocolate!

that's all for today. tomorrow is the Historic Centre of Brugge in Bruges.

Day 2- Historic Centre of Brugge (Bruges)
Bruges is a small city but it is full of color and has many historical sites like the Historic Centre of Brugge. It has many historical items that we got to view, we also got a guide that showed us around. we made sure to get a guide through the Tourist Information Center we got a paper information along with a map which is great because not all the guides provide paper information. after that we ate at Arties's restaurant, we ate ad soft shell crab platter. Crabs were huge and great but it is quite expensive.

Day 3-Pairi Daiza (Brugelette)
Pairi Daiza was a lot of fun. it was a great break from all the sophisticated sites we went to. The best part was that I haven't been to a zoo in a long time so when we went to this zoo it was amazing I felt like I was in my childhood; there were numerous attractions inside like aquariums, reptiles and there is a pet farm and you can feed some other animals as well. there were so many animals. it was a blast.


next stop Germany!!

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Asia- Pakistan

Asia- Pakistan

today we landed in Pakistan by Avianca from 7:35p - 12:40p with two stops in BOG, JFK for C$4,672 .03.
for the next three days we will-
day 1- Gilgit
day 2-Naran
day 3-Mansehra

day one-
today when we woke up we went to gilgit. gilget was such an amazing and breath taking experience. with the lakes to its mountains to its amazing local people. I have never seen anything this beautiful. we ate traditional food, kheer. kheer is a really nice sweat made with milk.

day two-
today we went to Naran. Naran is a medium sized town with beautiful flowers and landscape the people over there are so nice, everyone want to help you. Naran is one of the most scenic town in Pakistan and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. we ate biryani which is a traditional Pakistani dish.
day three-
today we went to Mansehra. Mansehra is a town located in Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. it is a small beautiful town with very nice people and amazing views we hired a guide to show us around. after the tour, our guide told us that we should drink tea from the Phatan ka Daba. that is a traditional type of tea witch is made of tea and has nuts in it.
Pakistan was a beautiful country. the media has made it look like its a horrible place but in reality it is beautiful and people are just ignorant to think it is a bad place.

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Asia- Armenia

Armenia- The Monastery of Geghard (Geghard), Matenadaran - The Museum of Ancient Manuscripts (Yerevan) and Khor Virap (Lusarat).

15 °C

we just landed in Erebuni Airport from Qatar Airlines the flight was 11h and 5m long and was C$1,181 .72.
the three day artily is:
day 1- The Monastery of Geghard (Geghard)
day 2- Matenadaran - The Museum of Ancient Manuscripts (Yerevan)
day 3- Khor Virap (Lusarat)

today all we will do is relax at the hotel because tomorrow is a busy day!

day 1-
day one and we are going to The Monastery of Geghard in Geghard.

The Monastery of Geghard is a medieval monastery, it is carved out of mountain, surrounded by cliffs. it is a beautiful place to go and its actually awe inspiring that in the olden days when there weren't any electrical tools such beautiful things were made.
there are many merchants there with many souvenirs and if you are into a spiritual place then this is the place for you.
there is a $33 trip that picks you up from the hotel and drops you back, it includes National Park fees and local taxes but excludes Food and drinks.

we've had a lot of fun today with all the spiritual sites and souvenirs and other fun stuff. Two more days left in Armenia!


Day 2-

today we are going to Matenadaran - The Museum of Ancient Manuscripts in Yerevan.

this museam is a museum for Ancient Manuscripts. it is also a research institute which is always exciting to see. at the front there is a monument of a scholar who is seated with one arm raised, pointing the way to literacy and knowledge to his people, bending his knees for his teacher. The letters of the Armenian alphabet have been carved into the wall behind.
its a very powerful statue that makes you think how much literacy and knowledge is valued.

thats all for today.
Day 3-

today is day three and our last day here. today we are going to Khor Virap in Lusarat.
Khor Virap is also a monastery, not only that once you are up there you can get the full view of all of Ararat.
this place was truly beautful and i would go there agian.

thats all for Armenia! we will be leaving first thing in the mornting next country is Pakistan!

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Asia- Jordan

Jordan- Amman, Petra and Dead Sea

sunny 21 °C

Hey guys its me again! We just landed in Amman, Jordan its 11:55pm. We will have out personal driver waiting for us at the gate, so that's great since we are way to tired from our 18h 30m long flight. its to late to do anything now but go to our hotel and sleep.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------one day later--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We just finished breakfast and waiting for our guide to come pick us up from the hotel to travel Amman.
the first spot our guide picked is the Amman Citadel is a historical site at the center of downtown. It is one of the seven L-shaped hill jabals that originally made up Amman.

next we are going to Jordan Archaeological Museum which is located in the Amman Citadel of Amman, Jordan. Built in 1951, it presents artifacts from archaeological sites in Jordan, dating from prehistoric times to the 15th century.

and the last place we went was Royal Automobile Museum. The Royal Automobile Museum is an automobile museum of all the automobile owned by the royal family. its a great place to go with family and children. I really enjoyed my trip there.

And that sums up our one day trip to Amman. All that's left is dinner and then its day two!

bye for now

DAY 2-
hey its day two! today we went to Petra. it is a famous tourist site in the southwestern desert. our guide said it was built around 300 B.C. and was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom its a great place to go with friends and family. With its long walks and lots of souvenirs petra is a great place.


Today is our last day in jordan so our guide has decided that we do something realxing but adventures at the same time. the dead sea was a great place to have a swim and relax at the beach. the good thing about this place is that it has no sea creatures. Because of the amount of salt this sea has its imposible for any life to live live there. and the best part is that if you dont know how to swim its alright because you will flout in the water no matter what.

we have had a busy day. we will end the day with traditional jordanian food: Fasoulya Beyda which is white beans cooked in tomato sauce and served with rice.

jordan has been a great expeiance for my sister and i and we hope our next country will be as fun as jordan was.
not stop Armenia!

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Before day one

a little info about my trip.

sunny 14 °C

Today I will officially start my trip. For this trip im taking my little sister, Aleeza, with me. She is the one who choose the 9 countries we will be traveling to. the first country we will be traveling to is Jordan. the trip is 6 days long its called Passage to Petra. this trip includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more. this is exatly what we will be doing for the next 6 days:

Day 1, Amman
Day 2, Petra
Day 3, Dead Sea

the price of the flight to Amman, Jordan is C$1,716 .18 and we will be leaving at 10:25pm and reaching Amman at 11:55pm. We will be flying by Turkish Airlines the flight is 18h 30m long with one stopover for 5h 30m in IST.

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