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south america- Peru


we just landed in Peru the flight was from 1:00p - 8:25p by LATAM Airlines Group with one stop over for 3h in SCL for C$1,212.82.
for the next three days we will-
day one-Máncora
day two-Puerto Maldonado
day three- Machu Picchu

day 1-
when we woke up today we were so used to relaxing that we decided to go to Máncora. Máncora is the place to see along the Peruvian coast. it is Peru’s best sandy beach and stretches for several kilometers in the sunniest region of the country. we had a great time swimming and all the people around the looked very happy. we ate my different types of food there.

day 2-
when we woke up today we were so tan and tired that we decided to go to Puerto Maldonado. Puerto Maldonado is the capital of the southern jungle, has busy central streets, many tooting mototaxis. this city brought us back to earth, because of its busy city life, what we had left behind nine countries ago was all brought back to us in a few moments. we saw beggars around, we saw nice cars, we saw bad cars, we basically saw what we were about to go back to in a day.
today we went to Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel in the Andes Mountains in Peru, above the Urubamba River valley. and has amazing panoramic views. Its exact former use remains a mystery and that's what made it even more fun. we walked around took many pictures. we then ate food and went back to the hotel.

Peru was a great place, it was a very busy place but the people there made sure they had time to for there family.
Peru was our last country to visit. we spent so much time away from our family but that made us feel like it made us closer to our family. we have seen many people and saw how happy they are to be alive. this made us remind us about how blessed we are.
I am glade we are going home now but I would love to tavel the world again, and what made it better was how I traveld with my sister, Aleeza, who not only is my sister but also my best friend.

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south america- Argentina


today we landed in Argentina from 1:05a - 9:40p by Aeromexico with one stop for 5h 10m in MEX and for C$3,249 .01.
for the next three days we will-
day one- Puerto Madryn
day two-Gualeguaychú
day three-Salta Province

day 1-
today we went to Puerto Madryn. Puerto Madryn is one of the most colorful cities in Patagonia, with a beautiful coastal line overlooking the huge natural amphitheater of Nuevo Gulf. we took a long walk and talked about all the trips we took. it was amazing. for food there was a great variety of fresh fish and shellfish. we ate many different types of fishes.


day 2-
when we woke up the receptionist told us that there is a Carnival that takes place in Gualeguaychú from the beginning of January until early March. we had so much fun we ate many different types of food and we also saw many nice traditional dances. there were so many nice colors and made me feel happy about how much the people of Argentina know how to enjoy life.
Argentina is a great country to enjoy the sea side and watch colorful dances and just be happy.
last stop Peru!.

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south america- Colombia


we just landed in Colombia the flight was from 10:40a - 9:08p by Lufthansa with two stops in FRA, BOG for C$4,182.68.

for the next three days we will:
day one- Tayrona National Natural Park
day two-Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
day three-Nevado del Ruiz

we woke up and decided to have a really relaxing day so we went to Tayrona National Natural Park. it was a beautiful part with some of the best coastlines in all of South America with beautiful beaches, hammocks to rent for the night, food, water and surfing. one of the other great things about this park is that you can get a guide to take you to a native village in the nearby mountains. one of the places to go is La Piscina, this is mostly a place to swim and hang out. both my sister and I had a great time and would love to come here again.
day 2-
today we took our time waking up since today was a relaxing day also. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a beautiful place with amazing landscapes. The guide who showed us around was very kind and knowledgeable, it was our first ever visit to a coffee farm. We also purchased a few bags of coffee to take home.
day 3-
we decided that since we relaxed the for the past two days, we decided to relax today also. Nevado del Ruizs is a inactive volcano with its slopes used for winter sports, and Lake Otún offers fishing. and a number of spas are available. we went to one of the spas and had a really relaxing day.

Colombia is a great country to relax and enjoy time with friends. it has many beautiful sights
next stop Argentina!!

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Europe- Hungary


we just landed in Hungary it was from 8:35a - 10:00a by Airberlin. the price was C$348 .75 it was Nonstop and was 1h 25m long. now we are going to the hotel now.
for the next three days we will
day 1- Budapest
day 2- Hajdúszoboszló
day 3- Bükk National Park

day one-
today we went to Budapest. Budapest is a huge city with many sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings. we went to Palace of Miracles in Budapest. it was a really fun place for kids. it is a unique interactive science museum designed for kids, is located within the Campona Shopping Mall. it is a great way to explain to kids the scientific principles in a playful and fun way. some of the things were the low-gravity 'moonwalk' and the 'miracle bike'. we had a lot of fun. we ate from one of the shops in the in the Palace of Miracles.
we just got back and now go to bed. we first planned of going for a swim but we just remembered that tomorrow we are going to Hajdúszoboszló, a water park!

day two-
today we woke up early and packed our swim suites and sunscreen and get ready for some fun! the parks main attraction its bathing complex with its famous spa, open-air bath, Aquapark and the Aqua-Palace. are favorite place was the open-air bath because we have never done anything like it before. while we were there we ate many different types of snacks but at night we ate Székelygulyás which is Goulash stew, made with sauerkraut and several kinds of meat.

we just got home and very tired. we will go to sleep now because tomorrow is a very busy day.

day three-
today we went to Bükk National Park. The Park is also rich in insect and plant life and a number of endangered species: Wild flowers species include Hemerocallis (daylily), Cypripedium calceolus (Lady's Slipper), Aconitum variegatum subsp. gracile (Wolf's Bane) and the Dracocephalum ruyschiana (Northern Dragonhead); Insects/Reptiles like Duvalius gebhardti (Blind Ground Beetle), Lycaena hippothoe (Purple Edged Copper), and many more. it was a great experience.

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Europe- Germany


We just landed in Berlin, Germany, the flight was from 6:15a - 12:15p so 6h. the price was C$357.49 .
we are going to the hotel and sleep today.
for the next three days we will
day 1- Berlin Wall
day 2- Europa-Park
day 3- Topography of Terror

day one-
today we are going to the berlin wall. our guide told us that between 1949-61, around 2.5 million East Germans had fled from East to West Germany many people were skilled workers, professionals, and intellectuals. if they left the economy of the east Germany would get destroyed. for this reason East Germany built a barrier to close off East Germans' access to West Berlin. after the fall of the wall in November 9 1989, the wall has been decorated by many beautiful graffiti and many messages. it was a great place to go with a younger sibling since the younger generations should know about the horrific events that have happened in history.
after viewing the wall we decided to go eat some German sausages. and then go back to the hotel and get ready for tomorrow which is the Europa- Park.

day two-
today we got up early so we can get dresses because we are going to Europa- Park. which is a theme park. is the most fun! there were 12 fast roller coasters and many other attractions and places to eat. we tried to go to all the rides but we also wanted to make it in time for the ice skating show. the was so beautiful how the girls skated to gracefully. we got to the park at 9 am and left the park at 9 pm. it was amazing we ate many things like funnel cakes and other things like that. we were so tired when we got to the hotel but tomorrow isn't any easier since we are going to go the Topography of Terror.


day three-
we woke up and got on the bus. once we got to the Topography of Terror, we got our tickets and got ready to experience all the things we had learnt about in school. we found out that Between 1933 and 1945 this was the center for the national-socialist terror, Gestapo with its own prison, the SS headquarters, the SS Security Service (SD) and the Reichssicherheitshauptamt (Main Office for State Security). it was such a historical and amazing experience. the museum was such a great place it made both my sister and I very happy about how this horrible place was preserved and made into a beautiful and awe inspiring place to go. it was completely worth the while and money.


Germany is a very beautiful and with history in every street corner. it was such a great experience. I would come here again.

next up is Hungary!

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